The Smart Kitchen

To balance the family budget with eating well is not that difficult. Indeed the traditional poor kitchen teaches us that simpler tastes are often the best. Why not challenge, involving perhaps friends, mom, grandparents and invent a recipe “smart”, participating in the competition, i.e. the SmartCooking manifesto online cuisine inspired respectability, that enhance the food, reduce waste, rediscover forgotten ingredients and reuse leftovers.

Only rule, the recipe ingredients must be Parmigiano Reggiano. At the end of the competition the 30 best recipes will be selected by the Chefs Chef to Chef EmiliaRomagnaCuochi Association and will enter in the cookbook SmartCooking manifesto of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Here is a series of recipes which inspire and the sound principles of the SmartCooking manifesto:

COMPLIES with food that is about to expire? Don’t throw it away. If you can’t cook it immediately willingly give as gifts for friends or to your neighbors.

REDUCE waste no food means reducing waste and using them intelligently, as new ingredients.

REUSE not to throw away leftovers but turn them into new and delicious recipes.
STORE food properly Keeps using special containers or plastic wrap. The food will stay fresh longer.
FLIP See what ingredients you already have in your home, before you decide what to cook. You’ll find that maybe there is nothing to buy.

REDISCOVER your recipes To try using simple ingredients and often poorly used.

REMEMBER Engage in SmartCooking manifesto also parents and grandparents. You will be amazed by the valuable advice that will offer you.

What No One Knows About Electricians

Tips to Hire the Best Electrical Technician for Your Construction Project

You will need an electrical technician at some point whether you are a home owner or are constructing one. This is why we have here tips that will be of great help when it comes to choosing an electrician. Experienced and knowledgeable electricians are the best for construction projects because these kinds of projects tend to be unique and complex. For the commercial construction projects, your safety will depend on the expertise and training of the electrical technician. This is the reason why you must ask the electrician about their commercial experience and training. Licensure when it comes to electrical work is vital and you must find out from the electrician if they own one.

Proper insurance and licensing for the work that the electrician is going to undertake is vital as well. In case there is an accident and a claim has to be paid, the insurance will take care of it and this is the reason you must insist on the electrician holding insurance. Even though the electrician brings in more workers to the site to help, these workers must also be in the technician’s payroll. The reason for this is so that in the case of an accident, these workers will still be covered with the insurance company. Information on the electrician is likely to be found in the reviews and references and it is advisable that you check these out. Word of mouth and recommendations used to be the best way to learn about electric technicians but the internet has made this easier.

Contacting the previous references is important so that you know how the electrician was in the previous projects. Once you contact the references, you will get an idea of how the electrician handles their projects. It is vital for the success of your electrical project that you communicate and work with a diverse team. The fact that as the construction project continues, there are different contractors that have to work together makes it vital for efficient communication. This is the reason why the electrical technician must be an effective communicator so that there is harmony.

Look for versatility and resourcefulness from the electrical technician. Since there is a lot of shifting and changing at the construction site, the contractor must be in a position to adapt to these changes. Creativity and tenacity is required of the electrician so that the work is able to be done effectively. With every construction site, there will be a different set of issues that crop up. Choosing the right electrical technician for your project is a challenging task. However, if you follow these tips to the letter, you will hire the best technician that will assure you quality and safety in the long-run.